Thursday, July 13, 2006

My uncle paying for raw sea animals next to the ocean

Day 7

We said goodbye to England in Korea and headed up north. And I mean NORTH. Apparently, there was a North Korean missile crisis going along. I really didn't know much that was happening at the time, but I felt like the international community was freaking out more than the South Koreans. We headed up to an observation tower to view what North Korea looked like. So what does this exclusive country look like? Mysterious. Intriguing. Foggy.

We headed west back to Seoul by bus. It was a long ride, but I was glad to see a city again. I love going away to the mountainsides for awhile, but it was nice to see crowds of people again. We stayed in the Somerset hotel, which most diplomats stay in, because it's right next to the American Embassy. The hotel was in the Insadong neighborhood, which is my favorite in Seoul. Art galleries, restaurants, cafes, tiny shops and boutiques line the entire street. Vendors are everywhere in Korea (like if there is an empty spot, a person wants to sell you something), and this place had plenty. Jungeun recommended the neighborhood to me and it was fantastic. There was this one building, Ssamjilgi, where it spiraled up with lots of little shops. Pretty awesome! I miss eating 500won hodduk off a vendor. Yummy honey gooeyness.


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