Thursday, July 13, 2006

My mom and brother looking at bugs

Day 1
We flew from SFO and arrived to Incheon Int'l airport. On the airplane ride, I enjoyed couple episodes of Friends, True Hollywood Story: Angelina Jolie, and "It's Good to be Posh and Beckham". Oh, and I finished Wicked too. Joyce, that book is DIRRTY. Definitely written by a guy and the musical definitely toned down all the sexual references. Not Recommended.

Bobby told me that the Incheon airport was very posh. And he was right; the airport was very modern and had amazing shops on every corner. We all took our heavy luggages and took a bus to my uncle's apartment in Hwajeong, which is a 40 min subway ride north of Seoul. We had a good dinner in the city and crashed before our arduous trip ahead.


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