Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Listen to: Jennifer Chang's Beat and Piano Puzzlers

So one Sunday afternoon during the spring semester, I get this IM from Jen. She proclaimed that she had a new show called "The Beach" on WJHU. I was intent on listening, to hear what my friend had in store of the news that was happening around Hopkins. After listening to her radio show, it was definitely a change of pace from the not so reliable Newsletter. Her delivery and the style was definite NPR. I could hear it coming out of my local public radio station, giving her insight on Sodexho and the events surrounding Brain Awareness week. That first episode was only the beginning of many. Each Sunday, Jen always brought something new to bring. A different perspective regarding issues and events on campus.

Just before graduation, she had won this amazing scholarship to Hawaii by the Asain American Journalists Association. For one week, the program trained students interested in radio and journalists and from this site, it looked like they had an amazing experience. I can't wait to see what she has in store next. Listen to her latest report on climbing Diamondhead Volcano, or when she's on WYPR's Mark Steiner show. I can't wait to hear her on All Things Considered or other similar cool NPR show. Keep me updated Jen! I'm your #1 listener!

Speaking of NPR, I was searching through iTunes, looking at any new podcasts that was available so I can listen to them on Kensington (my new iPod). And I found this. Bruce Adolphe's Piano Puzzler. After downloading the latest podcast I could find, I proclaimed it as GENIUS and downloaded all the episodes I could find. Basically, the show is feature Adolphe playing a small musical piece on a piano. The piece is usually from the American songbook, but it performed in a style of a classical composer (i.e. Debussy, Bach, Beethoven, Ravel, etc.) I surprised myself that I could get most of the composers correct, but not the original melody of the songs. Challenge galore! So tune your years and quiz up here.


Anonymous said...

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JChang said...

OH MY GOD. I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THIS. I have got to check this blog more often. Are you kidding? You blogged about me? Dude I'm so honored. So honored. You most definitely are my number one fan. I LOVE YOU DENNIS!!!

... And wait until you see what's in store for next year's "Beach." We are gonna RIP IT UP. Hopefully I'll still be around in Baltimore, but nothing's certain yet. I learned so much about delivery, story writing, and radio when I was working with the NPR folks - just toss out anything you've heard because I'm starting from scratch, baby.