Tuesday, July 25, 2006



Daniel Henney + Gwyneth Paltrow in Bean Pole ads. The first video gets extra props from me, because it uses the song "Slimcea Girl" by Mono. (Love that cd, but where did the band go?) The recent pictures below show the two reunited for new commercials for the fall line. Apparently, Paltrow was always with her new baby, Moses during her breaks.
Visited a couple of Bean Pole stores in Korea; a little on the pricy side for me and suspiciously looked similar to Polo Ralph Lauren/J. Crew clothes. Basically what Koreans think the British wear when they go to country clubs and hunting in the African safari. Mr. Henney was EVERYWHERE in all the Bean Pole ads. Couldn't help myself from going into each store...

Other hot Daniel videos:
him eating an ice cream cone:

him trying to master the Korean language:

In other news: IT IS SO HOT IN SAN JOSE. It has been the 9th consecutive day of temperatures reaching over 90 degrees, and the third consecutive day of 100+ degree weather. I don't think I've ever sweat this much in my life, i.e. constantly for the past 9 days. PLEASE LET TOMORROW BE COOLER.

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hey that girl in the last video is from love story in harvard. i think.