Friday, July 21, 2006

Giants Game at AT&T Park

GOOO GIANTS! Giants won 9-3 against San Diego Padres yesterday. Thanks to Jess and her awesome family, we got to see it live in San Francisco. It was great to go see a Giants game in person (my first) and finally escape the awful oven temperatures in San Jose. It's amazing the temperature difference from inland cities like mine and coastal cities. It's like a 30 degree difference!

Jess has really cool connections to getting tickets, so we got these seats. Section 333, row 18. Basically the nosebleed section. But surprisingly, the view was AMAZING. You could see the whole baseball diamond, with the bay in the background. AT&T park is a really beautiful place to watch baseball. It would be awesome if you got a raft, set sail in the bay, and caught home run balls, which I've seen people do.

Jess, Will, Kevin, Jess's parents and I all took Caltrain into the city. Because of global warming (watch An Inconvenient Truth), it was yet again another Spare the Air Day. Which equates to free public transportation! w00t! Going in the game, I didn't know what to expect. I had Kevin and Jess give me a short tutorial on baseball and the Giants' status in the league. Basically, they're second place, behind the Padres, who they were playing. The Giants need to win basically to advance, or they don't have a chance int he playoffs. :'( Kevin had no faith in the Giants, and he predicted that they were going to lose miserably.

But he was TOTALLY WRONG. The Giants hit a first home run in the 2nd inning, but Will and I were getting food. We didn't see it in person. So sad. But fortunately it was on the TV, right next to the line selling garlic fries. So yummy, but eating those fries was like stuffing whole cloves of garlic in my mouth. Not good for the breath. And beers cost $8.50! Seriously, not worth it. My bottled water tasted that much better.

Anyways, the rest of the game was lackluster, until the 8th inning when we were up 9-0 because of 3 back to back homeruns. It was HOTT. It all started with Barry Bonds hitting his 722nd career homerun. Then two more came! The whole crowd went crazy. The Koreans (which there were A LOT OF) were sad, because they were rooting for the Padres pitcher Chan Ho Park, who gave us all those home runs. Can't wave those Korean flags anymore huh?

Jess said that the Giants always lose during the last inning, and it was partially true. The Padres went up by three points, and it was a little dramatic. Overall, it was an awesome game seeing all those homeruns. The park was packed full with people, rooting for the team. The funniest segment in between inning was about knitting while watching the game. They had a competition between two women who could knit the coolest. It went from knitting blindfolded, to knitting with one hand, to knitting with two baseball bats. It was hilarious.

The way home, it was drunken city in the train ride. People were loud and crazy. It was hilarious. Can't wait to go back to the game and escape another day of this heat that's killing us all. I miss Hopkins House AC.


Mira Kim said...

First post here! I love this entry the most! Daniel's so cuuuuute :> Congrats on Northwestern! ^_^

amir said...

you guys have way too much fun w/o me