Thursday, July 13, 2006

Doing the #2 Old Fashioned Style... over a manure eating pig

Day 8

Apparently my family added on this Seoul option to explore the city with the tour group. Basically it was just our family and the tour guide, so it was all personal. We visited the Blue House (similar to the White House), where the president lives. We then went off to Gyeongbokgung, which was the palace in Seoul in the last millennium. It was really cool to see a huge palace in the middle of a cosmopolitan city. Just across the palace gates, were tons of fluourescenet signs and lights. We then drove an hour south to a park that replicated an old Korean village. A lot of people there dressed in traditional clothing and "lived" in the village. People were farming, tending to livestock, making arts and crafts, making food, etc.

With our tons of luggage in hand, we took the subway back to Hwajeong to our uncle's house. After an hour of navigating the Seoul subway, which is fantastic, we returned fatigued like no other. snoreeeeeeeeee


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