Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cool octagonal shaped rocks formed my igneous rocks cooling

Day 4
This was a rainy day in Jeju, so we didn't see much. We mostly visited historical villages that recreated life in the old days. Very interesting stories about how there were lots of women, horses and oranges on the island. This was also the day that Jess emailed me that I got a phone call from Northwestern! Jess totally made the trip worthwhile. These past 6 months have been grueling. Being on 5 waiting lists was tough and I wasn't looking forward to looking for jobs when I came back home. So being accepted at an awesome school like that was THE BEST THIING EVER. I can't wait to go to Chicago. The city is amazing and the campus is incredible. But back to Korea. I found out on a computer in Jeju Airport leaving for Busan. We arrived in Busan and did a very minimal trip around the city where my mom was from. Not that impressive, but we would come back later.


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