Saturday, July 15, 2006

Concerts and tea!

Concert season is in full gear and I can't wait to go to the two concerts I bought tickets for.

1) Kelly Clarkson: Addicted Tour! She was amazing in the Kelly/Clay Independant concert tour, so I can't wait to see her perform live with her Breakaway songs. I've read reviews of her new songs that she's going to perform, and they're more of the indie/rock bent. I'm sure she'll do well. Here's her new song "Go". You may have heard it on a Ford commercial.

2) Shakira: Oral Fixation Tour! Ok, this tour is going to be HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Even though my seats are the nosebleed $20 seats, I swear Jess Lee, Jana and I are going to be one loud roudy bunch. Did you know that "Hips Don't Lie" hit #1 in like every country of the world except for like Canada and Russia? What's up with them? Watch this cool video of Shakira performing at the World Cup.

Speaking of addicted. This is my new addiction: I first saw this drink mentioned in the New York Times as the drink to get. Right before graduation, Stacy and I went to Aberdeen to drop off Eiline at her job interview. While she was at her interview, we explored the city, and I found this drink! This drink is made especially for me. First, the basis of the drink includes my love for pomegranate juice. One winter, I had an awful cough and sore throat. One glass of pomegranate juice cleared everything up and my sore throat was gone. I officially proclaimed the juice as the magical elixir that cures everything. Second, the juice is mixed with green tea. I love green tea for its nice bitter flavor and its antioxidants. Finally, the tea comes in a nice glass you can take home! So purrty. I'm all for packaging, as you may all know. So if you see it, go grab one, you won't regret it.


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