Saturday, July 15, 2006


So it's official. I'm going to go to Feinberg med. After my interview in December, Northwestern exceeded any expectations I had of them and it shot straight up to the top of my favorite schools list. All the facilities were brand new. All the students and my host David were super friendly. It seemed like everyone was really chill but still focused and enjoying their med school education. Just how I would like a school to be. Plus, the icing on the cake was that the school was two blocks from the Magnificent Mile. Click that link, and you'll see why I love the campus location.

This past week has been grueling with fighting jetlag and filling out all these post applications to attend the school. I was really worried at first that I would need to fly out to Chicago to search for housing. During my visit, it felt most students lived off campus in their high rise apartments. But I soon found out that they had on campus housing (see photo)! I know that this may not be the best choice, but it is the most economical. I won't need to purchase all new furniture that is needed in an apartment. I requested a studio apartment because it is the cheapest, but I got a one bedroom instead at the same price! Sweet! I'll be living on the 11th floor, and hopefully I'll be living with other first year students.

After that was all sorted out, I booked my flight to Midway August 20. Technically, my lease starts August 19, but Shakira is more important. I'll be arriving on Sunday and orientation will start the next day on Monday. I feel like everything is going at light speed. But I guess I'm not starting too soon like other schools I know (ie. Emily P's and Rob's).

I also had to fill out all these financial aid forms and health records but that was a breeze compared to all the stuff we had to fill out at Hopkins. So I officially have a little more than a month left here in California. I should make the most of it. Jessica might be leaving soon for Baltimore, so I'm sad about that :(. But we all have to move on I guess.

Some shout outs to Peony! I totally forgot about mentioning her. She was the one who introduced me to the hilarious blog that is Underwear Drawer. I wish her luck on the whole AMCAS process; I know that she'll get into all the top schools. And to everyone else, get through and good luck to those secondaries! You're like 70% done with the entire process! After that it'll just be a waiting game, so make sure you'll do excellent on the secondaries, because it is one thing that you can control.


Anonymous said...

yay for Dennis! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to celebrate at BJ's.. ;)

JChang said...

So fab, Dennis. So fab. I'm so happy for you and wish you the best in your new journey!! -Jen

Anonymous said...

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peo said...

YAY! me gots a shoutout. thanks for all your help with the process, dude. and also... anonymous must REALLY like your site. ;-). Yay spam commenters!