Thursday, July 13, 2006

Best Name for a Korean Store EVER

Best Name for a Korean Store EVER
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NSR (Nun Sarang Angyeon = Eye Love Glasses) I <3 GLASSES!

Day 21

Last day in Korea. Sadness. We didn't do much except for eat lunch and headed for the airport in Incheon.

In retrospect, Korea is an unbelievable country. There is so much wealth in history and culture everywhere you go in the country. And it's amazing how much progress the country has progressed throughout the years. My parents kept saying that Korea is not the Korea that they knew. Well, the Korea they knew was 25 years ago, so it must have been totally different. The cities are so vibrant with tons of people walking on the streets, drinking and having fun. The countryside is beautiful with rice patties glittering the countryside. I would definitely visit again. But like my mom said, maybe this trip was the first trip and the last trip to Korea. She's like, I'd rather venture some other place that Korea. I guess that's true too. I'm glad to have Korea checked off my list of countries to visit, and it was extra special that I got to travel with my parents again. Who knows when I'll be able to travel with them. Sad to think about it huh?


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